Benny and Lenny - German for children for Windows 10


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This is another of a series of language program for young children. This time, Benny and Lenny on the pretext of great fun, they will learn niemieckiego.Podobnie as the other titles in this series: "Benny and Lenny. Alphabet and learning to read" and "Benny and Lenny. English for kids", too, and here the child will same characters and fun. This is the best help a child in the first contact with German and a great alternative to the traditional teaching of the course. The program includes more than 30 different, niestresujących games and activities to introduce and consolidate basic words and phrases that describe the world that surrounds the baby. Hidden in the games exercises comprise mainly spoken language does not require the child's reading skills, but all the words are there also in written form. Throughout the program the user is accompanied by Benny, who kept explains what major issues in the Polish language, there is also a pictorial glossary.